Wondering if i could use a 12v battery charger as my power supply

i'm currently building a home stereo using my old car stereo and have a few questions
#will a car battery charger work for the power supply? (removing the alligator clips and wiring it up to the head deck)
# could i also use a fm 2xAA battery ipod transmittor hard wired to the same power supply to use my ipod rhrough the radio?
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  1. many portable car battery chargers are designed to also be a supplemental source of 12VDC power, same with those portable air compressors.

    As long as the polarities match and the power ratings are within the device parameters, technically, it will power the device.

    So yes, it probably is possible but frankly, it sounds a bit dangerous. I don't know how well I would sleep at night knowing that contraption was lurking about the house....
  2. thanx mate no im gunna put a switch on it 12v 3.7 amps stezzas got a 10 amp fuse should be ok ?
  3. sounds good.....might be a good idea to confirm that your battery charger is designed for that sort of application as well.....meaning that it will output a constant 24VDC and at what Amperage as opposed to some sort of trickle charge designed specifically to recharge batteries.

    My portable air compressor has a dedicated 12VDC output with an inline 10A fuse used to power 12VDC devices however the manual explicitly states that you should not use either the air compressor or the 12VDC power output while recharging the self contained power supply (battery). So while I could use my portable air compressor as a power source I could only do so until I had to recharge the compressor. I don't know if your battery charger is the portable, battery operated type or if you actually plug it in to a 110/220 source....or 240 or whatever it is outside the states...
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