5400 rpms vs. 7200 rpms worth it for storing movies to stream to plex

Is there any point spending the extra, i rarely watch movies straight of the hd but stream to plex.
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  1. 5400 is plenty.. if streaming - network will be bottleneck well before even a 5400 drive.
    If watching direct from HDD.. it cope even more easily.
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    5400rpm is the smart choice when you are storing large files, for example when using the HDD to store backups, movies, pictures, archives; etc.

    If, however, you will be using the HDD to act as system drive, running applications from it that care about latency instead of throughput, then you should pick 7200rpm HDDs..

    the data transfer speeds are also better in 7200 than in 5400..
  3. I wont put much weight on the rpm, how are these drives can someone give me the heads up

    Seagate ST3000DM001 3tb 60£ ea 7200
    Western WD30EZRX 5400 3tb 60£

    Also i like to save power will the green be worth it?
  4. They are really quick. I have the 2tb version, and it reads and writes at 190mb/s. That's even faster than a Western Digital caviar black/WD raptor, and even closing in on the Sata II SSD's sequential read/write. Here's a review:
  5. yes, the 5400 rpm disks consume lesser power than the 7200 rpm ones.. Get the WD for less power consumption..
  6. How does this sound ST3000DM001 for games and music.
    For movie storage WD green

    Or should i go with two greens, i do like to save power and dont care about waitinf 10 seconds longer loading a game i have a ssd for the os. (what will the performance difference be between those drives?
  7. YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAVE POWER.. Get two greens.. Simple..
  8. online gamers use SSDs more because they really can't stand longer loading times..
  9. Will the saving be minimal?
  10. gandalfs said:
    Will the saving be minimal?

    Speed is noticeable, but not huge. The 5400 have longer life since they run at lesser wear and heat when compared to 7200 rpm..
  11. I read in another forum (from an expert) that 7200 RPM non-green drives use twice the power of green 5400 RPM drives..
  12. Green drives are not worth investing in for power savings. Turn off your lights for an hour and you might save more power than a green drive will save you in a year.
    Green drives constantly spin down to save power, but spinning back up consumes more power than spinning alone does.

    Also, the HDD matters!
    A green EZRS drive under load uses 7.2w.
    A 600Gb velociraptor under load uses 6.8w. ---- YEA! Negative savings!

    A 4tb WD Black drive uses 10.2w so the green actually saves you 3w per hour here.

    Lets see, game for 8hrs a day thats 24w/day * 365 days = 8kw or about $1/yr saved.
    And thats if you can get the green drive to stop spinning down and up which you cant
    (WDidle doesnt work anymore)
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