How do I get a movie from computer to TV?

I have a computer with some movies on it. I just put an LCD TV in the room next to the computer. I also recently got an new model of Insignia (Best Buy house brand) Blu Ray/Netflix DVD player. The DVD player is connected to the router via an ethernet cable. When looking at the "Connections" area of the menu in the DVD player I see that in addition to Netflix, it may be possible to have other connections as well. There's no mention of it in the manual or online anywhere.

I would really like to access movie files from the computer to play on the TV. It's pretty much for my wife's convienence. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. It can be very simple but you didnt supply any info about the computer. I assume you have a basic pc with integrated video. That setup has no possibility unless you purchase additional hardware. If you have a dedicated video and assuming it has 2nd dvi output then you can use a hdmi to dvi adapter. If it doesn't then there is an s-video out. There is alot of assumption here due lack of info.

    The blu ray player can stream netflix-i dont think it work as a media center.
  2. Thanks for the reply! Integrated video...A reasonable assumption I suppose but it made me laugh a little. No my video cards has some cahoonas to it:) I am acutally looking for something more along the line of streaming in nature. I've found WD TV Live that may do the trick. We shall see. Thanks again for you thoughts.

  3. Thanx to jivdis. I also have faced this problem but now his info help me.
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