Need help with SSD!

So when I get the new SSD do I just put the operating system on it and not mess with the other harddrive? the one Im using has windows on it should I take the operating system off the storage one once I get the SSD?

If so how?

Or does it matter at all?
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    When you get the SSD:
    1. Remove the HDD
    2. Install the SSD
    3. Install the OS
    4. Add the HDD back and format it (after you have copied any important files to another drive) and use it as a data drive.
  2. The long way is to turn off PC, unplug the HDD (either SATA or power), then install SSD into first SATA port, then go through the installation process of installing Windows on SSD. After it is installed, go into BIOS to make sure you have it set to boot from the SSD port. Then power off your PC and plug back in your HDD and when you power back on, your system should boot from SSD and you should still be able to access your data on your HDD. When I installed, both the SSD and HDD were fresh.

    With this method, you should not have to re-format your HDD.

    RIGH CLICK on "Computer" or "This PC" and click on "Manage", then "Disk management" to format the SSD. You need to create a volume. After the SSD has been formatted, try creating a system image/system restore onto the SSD. Then, turn off PC and unplug HDD. When you power on, you should have the option to restore system image from SSD. If you can, power off and plug back in the HDD. You will have to go to BIOS to make sure you are booting from SSD.

    Hope this helps. This is a link about SSDs and formatting drives. I used it to install my SSD and HDD. Others may have another way also.
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