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What type of pci express my motherboard support: foxconn 45GM/45CM/45CM-S (Socket 775)?
My question it's about graphic card pci express so did my mobo support PCI Express 2.0 and if now please tell me what will be the problem
thanks goodbuy :)
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  1. what kind of GPU do you want to install. May not make a difference.
  2. hello delellod123 i still dont know what type but it's possible to be gt 640 if there will be a difference please suggest me some gpu that there's not a difference thanks goodbuy :)
  3. depends on your budget and what type of performance you expect out of it. If you are looking for a price under $100 id go for an and R7 260X. You can find it online for $100 cheaper much better performance than the 640. And free games.
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    There won't be performance loss on a PCIE gen 1 vs gen 2 with this GPU, as it won't need the max bandwidth PCIE 2.0 offers.
  5. Thanks man :)
  6. no prob
  7. Man when i find some gpu can you tell me how i know that my mobo support gpu? from the pci express? and what's express do you recomend for my mobo.. sorry for my litle stupid question :)
  8. Yes, but this also depends on what kind of performance you expect. In order to game at 1080p with High/Ultra settings, you would need to expect to pay between $230-$300 (US retail stores) for a more powerful card.

    What resolution will you be playing games at? which games will you play?
  9. now my monitor resolution it's 1680 x 1050 that's mean not to small like 640x480 i want to play games like fifa,nba,pes,some call of duty games,bf2 maybe 3,Black ops 2,sniper elite 3... low-med settings for the games :) it's low-med settings because my cpu it's low-end and have only 1.80 ghz
  10. if that is the case, better go wight with the R7 260X. Anything better will not be necessary and won't be able to utilize all power with a low end cpu. You should consider upgrading CPU, even find a used one on EBAY.
  11. delellod but if i buy some another from pci express 2 like gt 640 or from 3 pce like r7 250 much % of the graphic card performance my pc will use...I dont like the r7 260x because need more than 100 w power...and it's good to overlock my cpu ?
  12. what is the CPU model?
    Am i correct to assume dual core E4300?
    you can over clock that up to 3.3 ghz, with an aftermarket cooler. I'd suggest upgrading

    r7 250 or gt 740 will use all their power. The CPU will bottleneck, many modern games, but if played on low/med, you should get ok frame rates. Maybe some stutters due to the cpu being so low end.
  13. you are wrong its e2160 1.80 ghz :) and i think i can over lock up to 2.7 or 3 ghz buy if i want to buy new cpu i need to buy a new mobo because have old socket 775 so i don't know what to do
  14. thanks delelod the problem it's that i cant ship from my country on ebay but i will search in amazon thanks again :)
  15. sure no problem. May be expensive in retail stores, try to find used, or with a bidding services similar to ebay. Alibaba?
  16. On amazon i find Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz - Processor 33 pounds around 40 euro new one :)
  17. nice! that is not bad at all. congrats!
  18. thanks man that you help me :)
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