7GB of usable the total space of my SSD seems to have disappeared?

Hello, so not long after doing a clean install of Windows 7-64 bit on my new Samsung SSD 840 evo 250GB on my Alienware X51 R1 system, and installing all the correct drivers in the correct order, I was happy with everything. I had a look around on the system before I started to install any useful programs, and was happy. I took note that 199GB of 232GB was taken up on my new Samsung 840 Evo SSD, which I was happy about and after reading around 232GB is pretty normal for a new SSD I thought everything there was fine.

So, after maybe an hour or so - and not connected to the internet during any of this time - I have a look around again and in the same place on My Computer it tells me 199GB of 225GB has been taken up? I thought that's not right? I then proceed to look into Disk Management and this shows a 7GB Recovery Partition has been randomly created in that time? I think possibly I could put this down to AlienRepsawn software which ran but actually failed to complete it's procedure, I was supposed to create a "base image" for it but the whole thing went wrong as I was using a new SSD and the AlienRespawn software requires a Dell recovery partition which of course no longer exists as I have the new SSD installed rather than the HDD which was in my system initially.

The second thing that could have created this recovery partition is Windows itself, right? I don't recall any sign of that taking place between the time I checked the SSD at 232GB and when it went down to a total of 225GB. I am trying to get rid of the 7GB healthy recovery partition as I don't want it taking up this space, and if it is indeed the AlienRespawn software which created this then it gives me all the more reason to remove it and get my total space back up to 232GB. I mean once I start installing some programs and games then that 7GB would be very useful for me in freeing things up. Disk Management WILL NOT let me remove it though, hence the reason I came here to ask the question? Please help me out. Thanks.
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  1. I think you are probably spending a whole heck of a lot more time than its worth to recover 7gb on an SSD. It could be it started making an image and failed and that is still there. If you are that concerned, reinstall Windows again and reclaim your 7gb.
  2. It could also just be your pagefile taking up the space. I have a 128gb SSD that I lose 6-8gb just from the pagefile on my SSD. So I decided to change the pagefile over to one of my storage drives instead, and reclaim my lost space. You don't really want to disable the pagefile alltogether though, since you need it for system recovery to work properly if needed.
  3. Yes windows will urge you to create a recovery partition. sometimes it puts it in the windows 'solve PC issues' flag that pops up in the task bar. If you want to get rid of it you need to use a partitioning tool. This is something that needs to be done 'externally' or from a Linux Live CD. you cant change the drive youre booted into, its being used. You need to hook the HDD up to another computer as a secondary non boot drive and partition the drive with the proper tools and programs (plenty of free options and tutorials on google). The 2nd option is with the LiveCD. it is very much the same but on linux, if you arent comfortable with linux look into option 1. With option two you are running linux FROM the usb or CD drive, leaving the HDD as a secondary drive that can be edited and configured.
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    I managed to find out AlienRespawn had created the recovery partition which I didn't need. I found a solution to delete it and merge the I unallocated space of 7GB with the other 225GB on the drive, so it's all good now.
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