Server 2003 P2V Conversion Problem.

I am in the process of covering a Server 2003 Standard Edition R2 to a VM in Hyper-V. I am getting a BSOD when trying to start the VM. 0x0000007B (0xF78A6A94, 0xC0000034, 0x000000, 0x0000000) Also when I boot into safe mode the server reboots when the acpitable.dat tries to load. I tried last good know config and that did not work. I tried moving the VHD to the scsi adapter in the VM that did not work. The orginal physical server had a Dell SAS 5/iR adapter controller, and adaptec SCSI card 39160/3960D - Ultra 160 SCSI. The hard drives on the physical server are connected to the Raid controller. I used Disk2VHD to convert the physical hard drives to virtual. Right now I am just testing trying to the the server to fully run in Hyper-V before going live with the VM. I can not change anything to the physical server since it is currently in use and the backup process they are using is lack of a better work but HORRIBLE.
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