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Hey I'm looking at the Hyper 212 EVO/PLUS and don't see that big of a difference in the two aftermarket coolers. Would you say the extra $15.00 is worth getting the EVO or does the PLUS work as good?

I am trying to stay as close to $15.00 (because I have a $15.00 gift card) and the PLUS is currently $19.99 after rebate and the EVO is $34.99.

Thanks in advanced for you thoughts!
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  1. Get the Plus. The EVO is slightly (1-2C) cooler, but it's not worth the premium.
  2. The Hyper 212 EVO is totally worth the $15 in my opinion, but if money is an issue, the PLUS will do just fine.
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    The EVO is the better cooler by about 2 to 3 degrees , the Plus will pretty much do the same cooling job.

    EVO not worth the Extra cash.
  4. For a $15 difference, I would stick to the 212+... the EVO is not worth it unless the difference is under $5.

    I'm surprised CM is still bothering with shipping the 212+ since it is practically identical to the 212EVO except the EVO's machining is simpler since it has only one big cut-out in the aluminum plate to mount all four pipes instead of four separate channels, which should make the EVO cheaper to manufacture on top of performing better.

    The new 212-X is mostly the same story: same fundamental construction, just a different stamping pattern for the fins.
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