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Hello guys, i am writing beacause i just bought a new PC and after two days after windows install (8.1), the system just crash (shuts off) without any warnnig (altough a had two blue screens also), and i am not able to start it until i push off button on the power suply, and then back on. After crash no lights on the pc case whatsoever. only the mobos led seems to be on but i didn´t wait long enough to see if that goes off or not at a point. The system cools very well, i don´t think that overheating is the problem because i´ve played Arma 3/GRID2/LOL for a few hours in a row and nothing happened. I had at the beggining problems with HDD usage at startup, but i think i solved that with some changes in windows(software problems). Anyway, i will post below my system configuration and I hope you can give me some tips on how to find the problem, or better, a quick soulution:D. Best regards Alex
PS:I did not overclocked anything yet, extra info.

- LC Power LC6600 V2.2 600W
- Corsair XMS3 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800)
- Corsair Carbide Series Black SPEC-02
- Asus DRW-24F1ST
- AMD FX 8350 4.0Ghz
- ARCTIC Freezer XTREME Rev.2
- Asus M5A97 EVO Socket AM3 + R2.0
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  1. Did you overclock something in your pc
  2. Nope, and now i see that shuts off in GRID 2 often, and the HDD 100% usage is back again. Recently i got a blue screen after 1 minute 100% disk usage and after that the system could not boot, couldn´t find HDD..... i had to power off manualy and start again. I use windows 8.1, i think i´m gona try to downgrade, maybe all this nightmare disapears...:(
  3. Hi guys i bring good and bad news. The good news is, i partially resolved the problem (after i analyzed the PC behavior, voltages, frequencies, temperatures ) i discovered that the RAM settings (although on auto settings) are not stable. The Corsair cmx8gx3m2a1600c9 and Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 are having some compatibility problems:( . Some specific symptoms like tendency of losing power fan loses speed for a blink, fan led fades off at the same time, and the main problem it´shut itself off. I set the frequencies in bios at 1066(only the frequencies) and the system seemed to be fine ( i played a lot more and no problems with this setting). But i´m guesing that the frequency itself is not the problem, but the other settings that need to be made like CAS, voltage etc (now i have to write them manualy since the auto settings fail to do the job). So now that being said, i will post my settings from bios that need to be filled, beacause i have no idea what each of them means.
    DRAM CAS# -
    DRAM RAS to CAS# delay -
    DRAM RAS#PRE Time -
    DRAM RAS# ACT Time -
    DRAM READ to PRE Time -
    DRAM RAS# to RAS# Delay -
    DRAM CAS# write Latency -
    DRAM WRITE Recovery Time -
    DRAM REF Cycle Time -
    DRAM Row Cycle Time -
    DRAM READ to WRITE Delay -
    DRAM WRITE to READ Delay (DD) -
    DRAM WRITE to WRITE Timing -
    DRAM READ o READ Timing -
    DRAM Refresh Rate -
    DARM COMAND Rate -

    Latency from the producer 9-9-9-24 frequency 1600 Voltage 1.650, but the rest idea i´´m waiting for your help tnx.
    PS: After i stabilize the system i intend to OC the CPU and GPU. Do i have to change memory setting also, or can i leave them at the factory settings as i will set them now?
  4. Of the others, check that DRAM command rate ai at 2N or 2T (might be at 1T or 1N), then set CPU/NB voltage to 1.2
  5. First of all thank you for the reply. I mange to find a sofware that shows memory settings so i will post the after and before picture of the changes that i made. You were right DRAM command rate was at 1T so i change it. The Cpu/NB voltage is the same thing? i did find it (i guess) in BIOS but i did not change it, see picture.
    So on topic i have some more quiq questions:
    - what is XMP and where do i find it in BIOS because i see that needs to be ON( see picture).
    - the other settings market with red, what do i do with them? leave on as they are on auto or change them?
    OFF topic: Can you tell me how to resolve Win 8.1 100% disck usage issue? It appears allways at startup and sometimes in normal use.
  6. Afther a period of using it, i manged to make some changes in BIOS (many of them, i´m at a point that i do not know what helped and what not) and now i run the system --CPU Current: 4414.7 MHz = 22.00 x 200.7 MHz @ 1.3250 V ,Current Memory Clock: 802.7 MHz (4 : 1 ratio) Current Timing (tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS): 9.0-9-9-24 , and its stabile no more shut downs. When i activate inferior CPU frequency and automatic voltage regulation the shut downs reappear, so i keep my system on full throttle just for stability. But, i still got blue screens from time to time, when using Chrome, Skype etc, prior the blue screen allways 100% Disk ussage, when booting when windows starts it uses 100% Disk, and if i use some programs in that time i can get blue screen also (after the blue screen crash my motherboard does not recognize the HDD and i have to resset motherboard from power supply buton to be able to boot again). This 100% usage in windows 8 is anoying, i do not know even now if i have a problem with my motherboard or HDD or is a windows problem. I did some diagnostic test and my HDD seems ok.
    Did someone encounter similar problems?
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