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When I change channels or power off my Samsung LCD T.V.the display goes blank and says no signal.I press source button and get sound.I go to picture options and put into standard mode from dynamic.I adjust the contrast and get video.Change channels or turn off T.V.screen goes black,and no signal message again. Picture mode also defaults to dynamic mode.I don't think it is in Shop Mode. Any ideas??
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  1. Need more. info: What event lead up to the problem, Model of tv, type of cabling, type of video source.
  2. The T.V. is a Samsung model LN22A330J1D. I bought it used off Ebay knowing it was in shop mode. I do not have the remote to check if it was/is in shop mode, but I did preform the steps to take it out of shop mode and the screen showed it was in standard mode after doing so. I am assuming it is no longer in shop mode. T.V. is connected to a Dish Network box using a standard coaxial cable from the box T.V. out to Samsung T.V. in connections. When I connect the Dish box to my crt T.V. using the same cable, I have no issues. I have also tried using AV cables, same results. When I power on screen is blue, show DTV in upper L corner and check signal cable message in center of the screen. When I press the source button on the T.V. cable/station 3 appears in upper L corner and I get audio. I then press menu to bring up options, and set picture mode from dynamic to standard. All settings have defaulted to a 255 setting. When I adjust the contrast I get video. I proceed to adjust all settings and have good picture and sound. When I change channels I loose the picture and sound. Same when I power off the T.V. and power it back on. I have also tried to play a DVD with a PS2 system using AV cables, and get a no input/ signal message. I have read on one forum that if you can see white light when you look into the vents on the back of the T.V. it could be signal board problem. Not sure what this board controls. You would think that since it does not retain the settings it is a programing issue, and not a faulty part. Could it still be in shop mode since all of the settings default back to a same setting? Thanks
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