are i5 4460 and GF gtx 650ti good for streaming games?

Hello. Atm I have a PC with a very low configuration and I tried to overclock the CPU and my mobo crashed, so I`m forced to buy a new mobo. The broken mobo is an very antic as-rock a55m-hvs with an a8-3870k cpu and well, a GF gtx 650ti.
I was thinking to wait some days and buy a new cpu and mobo so both of them to fit with my gpu. I don't have too much money to spend on them (around 200-220 euro) and i was thinking to buy an i5-4460 (in my country, Romania an i5-4460 it's around 172 euro) and a motherboard to fit with that cpu and my gpu.
Now I have another question, can an i5-4460, gtx 650ti and a new mobo hold streaming games? Like Smite, Diablo 3 RoS, Path of Exile, WoW? usualy I don't play on high settings (well, I prefer low settings because i can see everything clear :|). I know that my internet connection it's a big factor for streaming, but i will exclude it.
I forgot, I want to stream at a clear resolution, not too much, but not too low (I need to but a new monitor for this, but this one isn't included in the budget).
Thanks for your future response and sorry for my poor english!
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    Those specs are fine, probably able to stream at 720p(can change treaming resolution in OBS or Xsplit). However, I would recommend that your upload speed is at least 3 Mbits because streaming with bad internet will cause your ping to suck and also will result in bad quality. In OBS you can check the bitrate, so you can tweak it so it can be a bit less.
  2. This is a print screen of my internet test results on
  3. You're fine, go stream.
  4. Thank you a lot!
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