Pc shut down then smell of burning

Ok. Title says it all really was playing a game then my pc just shut down as if it lost power then a smell of burning. Unplugged all things connected + power cable tired to locate the smell of burning but couldn't. Tried to power it back up with minimal configuration and still nothing the mobo esd light on the mobo still lights up bot no sign of life apart from the little esd light any help please ?

Many thanks in advance

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  1. Specs? There's a good chance that your PSU just died.
  2. CPU i7 2600k
    XFX 7870 ghz edition
    16 gb RAM not sure the make
    And some sh**ty looking psu a computer shop put in when my old XFX died
  3. I would go for that I had a few plumb explode and luckily did not hurt anything on the board if it was a good quality psu and had the proper safety features built in to it things should be ok.
  4. If I had to give you a rating on the quality of the psu I'd give it a bare 4.5 but if the shop put that in and it fired everything would they be liable to replace all of the parts the only component I purchased from the shop is the psu all other came with the pc from else where
  5. Can you post a picture of the label on the PSU? A failing PSU may or may not take other components with it. If it was really poor quality, you might be looking at multiple faulty components.

    In any case, I'd start with replacing the PSU, and then other parts if necessary.
  6. you can look at psu reviews like at jonny guru who does disassembly reviews and see who give good psu build platforms and who may cut corners
  7. Not sure how to post pics on here got the pic for any instructions to do that but a brief description of the psu is black with a red fan and the onlo sticker on it is a serial number on the side of it
  8. Post the pic on imgur (or some other site) and then post the link here.
  9. or the ul # can be googled

    The link to the psu pic as requested
  11. cant see nothing -- seeing its down why not pull it out for a better inspection??
  12. Well since there is no text or anything on the PSU, I'll assume it's terrible (the colored fan adds to the impression).

    Replace the PSU and see if that helps. You should also check your motherboard and GPU to see if anything is visibly fried.
  13. No signs of burning on the gpu can't really speak for the CPU as I'm not really top notch on pcs so when it comes to taking things out I'm kinda held back
  14. look here on page 3 and this sticker on the psu is what he wants,3762-3.html
  15. I don't think there is even one on there I'll go check

    That is what I found after further inspection
  17. Zoinks! You've taken a wrong turn

    no image to view
  18. One moment will re upload
  19. Yeah, you will definitely need a new PSU, that one is crap.
  20. Best answer
    don't see anything about this brand but some threads here at toms with systems with issues and this unit so with that in mind if your not going to return it or rma it you can open it up and look for signes of failure as burned discolored parte cracked leaking swollen caps put your nose to it to see if the burnt smell is strong coming from it ..

    first picture on page 2 shows a clean new cap. if any look much out side this appearance it can be called suspect,3762-2.html
  21. ''need a new PSU, that one is crap''

  22. Will be returning this first thing in the morning if it has fried anything else in the pc will the shop be liable to replace damaged parts as they put it in ?
  23. well it will show what kinda shop you got .. will they work with you or put you off lets hope there good guys
  24. I been on a first name basis now with the shop owner so I'm hoping he will see the fault and if hopefully not find any other damaged components that he'd replace them after putting it a crappy psu
  25. you should read that toms post on psu's and look over the jonny guru psu reviews to see what to look or look out for with your next one you get
  26. I will deffo give it a read
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