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I was recently watching my brother play mine craft and I noticed green pixels all over the screen. I asked him how long they have been there but got the I don't know response lol. Any ideas on what this could be, I'm assuming his GPU is going bad. Any other ideas? Thanks
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  1. Swap the gpu, or try the integrated graphics.

    If the problem persists, its the monitor. Dead pixels in particular. (It sounds like dead pixels, but the uniformity in color makes me think perhaps it is the GPU. However artifacts generally are 3D spacial issues. But just try that and see what happens)
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    If the dots don't move and are discplayed no matter what the image is, it's a stuck pixel. There are sites you can go to in order to check stuck pixels. It's just making your whole screen several diffeent colors to identify them. I've had green, blue, and red stuck pixels in past monitor. I've only ever been successful in fixing one, ever. It's worth a try though. Here are some sites to help.

    You can try and cash in on your displays warranty, however, be advised that most have a dead/stuck pixel clause. They deem so many to be acceptable. Sometimes they are upwards of 10 stuck/dead pixels before they will replace it. I've exaggerated the number before in order to receive a replacement. However, the replacement also had stuck pixels. I talked to a guy once that said they usually have a rotating shelf of displays at these warranty replacement places and they test the display and if it has an acceptable number of dead/stuck pixels, they just end up on the shelf and someone gets it as a warranty replacement. I'm sure that depends on the manufacturer. My display was a ViewSonic... Never buy one again.

    If the dots are in game ONLY and move around, it's probably your video RAM.
  3. It stopped eventually I'm replacing the monitor/ Computer soon regardless but thanks for the help!
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