Processes in Windows Task Manager after a clean install of Windows 7-64 bit

I recently installed a brand new Samsung 840 Evo 250GB is my Alienware X51 R1 system, and installed Windows 7-64 bit on it so it's my primary drive (C). The secondary drive (D) is my older 1TB HDD which came with the system and have since formatted, etc. So I have tweaked a few things to optimise my SSD and Windows 7 according to several reputable guides which I took the time to find and read online, and installed all the relevant drivers in the correct order. Also, Windows 7 seems to have finished all it's updates, so everything seems OK there.

However, I've been looking around my system since doing all this and in task manager there are more processes in there than I've ever had before? There are over 80 - about 76 straight after boot up and over 83 after a few mintutes - and although the CPU isn't being used a lot for these from what I can see, I can't figure out why there are many more processes going on than prior to my clean install? Please could someone see if there any uncessary things going on, I've tried to get everything what is seen in the processes tab on Task Manager in those screenshots below which I uploaded as JPEGs.

Check these out, hopefully it shows everything:
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    There nothing to worry about. Most of the process are harmless.
    Leave them alone. It looks normal.
  2. Thanks, just convinced something went wrong somewhere so thanks for the reassurance. I'm just wondering why so many processes have multiple of the same, e.g. There are four conhost.exe (although they are all genuine Microsoft and not viruses as checked this myself), and twelve svchost.exe? Does it all look like what's on your PC, or very similar?
  3. Similar. It's normal.
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