What is the right size psu for streaming and maintaining high fps in game

Will using a smaller wattage psu effect the performance of my computer when live streaming. I use a 430w psu from corsair and need to know if it will bottle neck my in game fps and the stream quality in games such as league of legends

cpu: amd fx6100
gpu; gigabyte geforce gtx 650 oc
ram: 8gb 1600mhz
motherboard: asus M5A78L-M/USB3
psu: corsair cx430w non modular
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    relax...gtx 650 needs 20 amps @12+ volt so your psu is enough for your system...actually psu have nothing to do with fps ....fps depends on the cpu ,gpu and ram ....
  2. Power Supply Units don't directly effect framerate or performance. All the PSU does is provide DC power to the other components, therefore as long as it is of sufficient wattage/amperage it will all work. However that rig may have some difficulties if streaming and gaming because of weak processor and gpu. It will definitely play games but probably not on high detail and fps.
  3. Firstly I doubt your PC uses even 200 Watts.

    Secondly the PSU will either work or it won't, you can't bottleneck. If you overload your PSU the likely result isn't frame rate drops but the PC shutting itself down.
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