wiring question- can I make a 15-pin male sata to 4 pin male molex?

Is it possible to make this sort of cable? I have the parts I'd just need to buy the molex pins.
If it is possible does anyone know the gauge of the standard molex pins?

I essentially need this cable but with male molex (having pins)
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    Sure you can, look up SATA pinout and find the 5.5v, 12v, and ground wires to wire into.

    What are you doing that you need a male end for?

    could also buy one of these

    or the adapter you showed and a male to male molex plug to get the molex ends you want.

    If you're not good with soldering and able to solder to pins that small, go the adapter route. lol.
  2. Oh I can solder no problem. but if I can buy the molex pins with the right gauge these aren't even soldered on..their just crimped.

    I had to buy a fan adapter that was 4 3 pin fans and it has 2 4 pin female molex ends. Its the only thing in my entire case that uses a molex and I have a modular psu so I figured I'd try to find an adapter with a female sata end that I could plug into that sata psu cable and then a 4 pin male end to plug into the fan adapter.
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