Installed Steam Client after a Windows clean install on a new SSD, how would I easily download/install games on either drive?

I've not long finished installing my drivers for my system, and started to install a few programs, Steam being one of them, after a completely clean installation of Windows 7-64 bit on a new SSD. My setup is Windows 7 -64 bit installed on my Samsung 840 Evo 250GB SSD (which is of course the primary drive, C), while I have kept my 1 TB HDD (which is my secondary drive, D) as a secondary drive to install photos, videos, other documents, and "most" games but not all.

So I have already installed Steam onto my new SSD, I have heard a new Steam folder needs to be created on the D drive to give me the option of using both drives and choosing which to install games on when downloading them. Could someone give me as a fairly recent convert to Steam, a step-by-step guide on how I would optimise Steam for use for the two drives, and how to correctly install games on the D drive, but have the option of installing a few like Skyrim on the C drive?
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  1. When you download and install a new game, you should see an option to change the directory where you'd like Steam to download and install game files. It defaults to your OS hard drive.
  2. I suppose you already know that, after buying a game, it gets registered into your account's steam library. If it's a digital copy, it'll just pop up with a greyed out name on the list, while if it's a retail purchase it'll follow the usual yadda-yadda (insert disk, install game, install steam if not present, register cd-key).

    Most of the times, a retail copy install will appear in white (or orange-brownish if needing updates or extra data). The installation in that case follows the known procedure of selecting the folder once the setup.exe in your disk gets launched.

    On the other hand, digital delivery purchases will only be enabled to be downloaded on the currently logged account and will be awaiting for install with a greyed out name. As soon as you double click them, you can choose the default folder (inside the current steam installation folder, and in your case this means the SSD) or another one you can define on the fly, and you'll be able to play and install games respectively from and in that folder at any moment from that point on.

    Hope I was clear enough :p
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    aberchonbie said:
    When you download and install a new game, you should see an option to change the directory where you'd like Steam to download and install game files. It defaults to your OS hard drive.

  4. I just made a folder which I called Steam in my secondary 1TB drive, and told Steam to create a library or something in there (in addition to what it had done on my SSD), seems to be working with my Bioshock Infinite download. Thanks
  5. Ok Im currently building a PC with a 250GB SSD and a 2 TB HDD. Based on the install location choices in picture above, here is what I want to do and my question is will it work?

    I want to install Steam.exe on my HDD and some other games on my HDD, but I definitely want to install Skyrim which will be modded on the SSD for faster load times.

    Can I do this and will it work? Or do I have to use a "mover" program?

    Thanks for any additional clarification you can give.
  6. Yes it will work fine, that's the exact setup i have. Just make sure you install steam onto the 2TB when it's first installed.
  7. Will do. Thanks much!
  8. The nice thing about having your games folder on a different drive is if anything happens to the boot drive and you need to reinstall or upgrade to new OS, you simply need to add a new steam folder and direct it to the steamapps folder on the other drive and it will detect anything you have installed there, just need to verify files and boom, right back to where you were, if you have cloud saves enabled.
  9. To add something on what FinalDrive said, I wouldn't blindly trust cloud saves...
    They usually work, but sometimes files get lost for no reason...

    Hadn't played Borderlands 2 for a while, lost an Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode character; played Dark Souls 2 the day before, lost a lv 140 character the day after...
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