Car Music Player is Playing MP3's from My USB Drive Off-key

I just hope I'm in the right category.

So i finally decided to play music in my car via the USB port on my after-market media player. When i tried it out, i noticed that the music is playing off-key, like 2 notes higher. Now my car has 2 tweeters and a sub-woofer all connected to an amplifier. The two speakers in my care are stock. I fiddled around with the settings on the amp, but still the music is off. I can't seem to find the settings for any transposing feature on my media player; I seriously doubt it even has one.

Funny thing is the music played via FM radio is fine. I have yet to try playing CD's or DVD's on it, though.

So please help me identify the root of the problem, is it my USB flash drive? my media player? my amplifier? or my stock speakers?
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  1. Probably somerthing screwy with the radio. Check the manual. Get a replacement.
  2. i would check the misic files you put in the usb player how the play on a similar system in a car you may have to record them back another way also check you usb cable .
  3. So I don't know how this will help, but:

    I noticed that the player is playing the music fast. This is from the fact that the seconds displayed on the screen ticking away rapidly. There may be a correlation from the speed of the music to its pitch. I think it's inducing a "chipmunk-rewind" effect, like when you rewind a tape recorder albeit at a much slower pace.

    I tried several other flash drives with mp3, and still the problem persists.

    Could the problem lie with the flash drives? Is there a preferred format of storage, say fat32 to media player?

    Or could it be the mp3 format itself, like is there a way to make it play at a normal tempo on the media player?
  4. Also my car's media player is a Sony MCX-730UB, If it's any help.
  5. Is there anything in the radio manual on settings? If not, take it back for a warranty exchange.
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    rma that radio player you have a issue with .
  7. After several tests, I have come to the conclusion that my player is whack. Time for an upgrade!

    Thank you for the thoughtful answers guys.
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