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Been scanning the internet for a good mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse. So many options...What are some options you guys would recommend for me? My budget is about $200. I already have a shitty mouse I could use so the keyboard would be priority. I can get the mouse later, but I'd like to get them around the same time. I want a full-keyboard because I love my num pad. Would be cool if it has backlighting, preferably blue. The mouse, I would prefer only two side buttons, like a razer deathadder, but not with that price tag. I would also like the mouse to have a way to change the mouse's sensitivity, like the logitech G100s.
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  2. there what I use now and cant complain
  3. I forgot these guys I was looking at awhile back
  4. yes 4 colors each color is for the dpi rate like blue is for 800dpi and green is for 1200dpi something like that and I think it got pulse [breath] mode ya its doing it now
  5. also you can change that in there software if you want blue for 1200 instead of 800
  6. also the dpi rate is shift on the fly from +/- button on the top of the mouse
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