can this question be updated? connecting a printer to a cellphone via a usb cord

Looking for an updated answer to connecting a printer to a cellphone using a usb cord to do misc. Printing.
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  1. AFAIK, no cellphones come with the software needed to do this.

    If it's an Android, you might be able to use cloud print, but that requires either a compatible printer or that it runs through another computer.
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    No, they don't have the software to do this yet. Other then the cloud print as somewhere stated above. What you could do it send what you need printed to a computer and have it printed from the computer, its the only way to do it at this point in time.
  3. Yes, there is a way to do this. PrintHand (available on Amazon...sometimes for free, sometimes for $12.99) lets your cell phone print items to a printer. I just did it to my wifi cprinter on the same wifi network. There are other choices. Very cool app.

    I am googling for a USB cable so I can print to a smaller, older USB I thought I'd share what I found in passing. The capability is there! The test I did was to print a real USPS postage label. It printed perfectly from my ZTE Flash to a Canon MX922 printer.
  4. And I have learned more. I bought a USB female cable on ebay for about $1.50. The issue these days for directly connecting via USB is that you must have USB Host on your phone. Download a free program simply called "OTG?" (on the go) and it will tell you if your phone has USB Host. My new LG Transpyre does not.
  5. clmorris160 said:
    Looking for an updated answer to connecting a printer to a cellphone using a usb cord to do misc. Printing.

    Well I'm going back a few years with this. I still use an old Motorola Phone that came with some interface Software - which is still absolutely priceless. It's a USB connection to the Phone of course, which gives me more functionality than the Phone itself. I send all my SMS/TXT messages from this Application, because I'm useless with the Phone. I used to cut & paste received messages into a Word Document to save them... and naturally... that document is easy to print in the usual way. Mind you, when I mention this Interface Software to modern day Phone/Device users, they think I'm stark raving MAD.
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