Which laptop is better for playing Minecraft?

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  1. Could you please tell me the computer. The first link does not work. However, the second link seems to be a good choice for the game AMD quad core and 8gb ram.
  2. Ok now try clicking the first one
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    It's up to you. Personal preference. Minecraft really doesn't require any graphical power at all, just get the one that is cheaper. Both are sufficient to play Minecraft 60 FPS on fancy graphics.

    The second one would be a stronger laptop, but the first one has better value.
  4. HP Envy - A8-5550M $480 vs HP touch smart - no specs $700

    You'd hope the $700 one would be better.

    I don't like HP or Dell laptops - too many prolems, not enough support. I'd prefer Asus, MSI or Lenovo eg

    MSI i5 GT820m $680 -
  5. What do you mean no specs?
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