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If i put an single 4 gb dimm into a mobo with 2 dimm slots will it work decentley? If so, will i be able to buy the same exact dimm and pop in there in the future?

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  1. Depends on the mobo. Motherboards have limits on how big a module can be per slot. Tell me the exact model, and I can tell you whether it will be supported.
  2. Yes, it'll work definitely well.. Every motherboard has multiple RAM slots so as to offer dual channel and to get upgraded in the future.. no motherboard is with only one DIMM slot though..
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    You can run a single stick - it will run in single channel - but there's no guarantee if you want to add a sticks that it will play with the current one - even if you get the exact same model, best to get the full amount you want all in a single set (all sticks in a packaged are tested and guaranteed to play together)......take a look through the forums,, full of threads of people mixing and having problems _ even with the same sticks
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