Corsair H60 VS Cooler Master 120V vs Cooler Master hyper 212 evo

Well the title says it all. Which one of the coolers would be the best for a FX 8350

Or suggest any better 120mm CPU cooler
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    It's up to you boss. You need to determine what you find most important. The H60 is a great rig when installed properly, it looks cool, and is quiet. The 212 will compete with the cooling capabilities of the H60 but will be much noisier. The 212 is cheaper but is an eyesore inside the case. The H60 has the possibility of leaking, but very rarely. The 212 needs to be installed properly or it's bulky weight will damage your motherboard. Both have had excellent results. Both have die hard followers. Myself, I'd go for the H60.
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