ASRock z77 extreme 4 won't boot, error A2

Hey everyone. I made a new build last night is that is defusing to start. First off, nothing was coming up on to the screen when I plugs the HDMI in my graphics card. I soon after found out that Sandy Bridge processors are not compatible with PCIe 3.0, but was told it should still work, just at a 2.0 speed. I plugged my hdmi into my integrated graphics just to see if I had to get the drivers the graphics card.Windows now refuses to boot and trys to bring me to the repairs screen. The display on the motherboard cycles through a bunch of numbers (99 and b4 are two of them), but ends on A2 and stays there before the display drops. According to the manual, A2 stands for "IDE Detection." Any idea on how to fix this? I want it done ASAP so I can return my CPU to get an Ivy Bridge or Haswell for the 3.0 use.

Thanks a million.
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  1. I can assure you that a Sandy Bridge CPU will work with that video card and that mobo. I have a i5-2500K on that same mobo w/ a GTX670 and its works just fine. Did you install all your mobo drivers and d/l the current Nvidia drivers?
  2. A2 means IDE detected. If you don't have an IDE setup you need to go in bios and change it. The not booting problem can be something entirely different.

    Here is a post i found on Tom's someone with a similar problem.

    But if this is a new build i would double check everything first. Make sure all the Ram is seated try one stick then try the other alone to make sure it is not the ram. Make sure all pins are connected to the motherboard and the pin next to the CPU. Is it getting power at all? does it appear to be posting just nothing on the screen?

    Is your video card powered as well? i am guilty of that as well forgetting to connect power to the video card?
  3. the video card isn't even my concern now, I just need to get this thing to fully boot before or I can use my card. I did look into that more and i do know that I could use this one for a fact. back to the main concern, I'll be reseating everything before work but I don't think I'll be able to post again before that so I'm going to say some stuff now. I haven't installed any drivers for the new parts because I can't get past any sort of screen other than the BIOS screen. I have an external, should I download them onto bad and connect it to the computer and when I boot? I also reset the CMOS on the motherboard.the BIOS and everything is being recognized as Sita, so I'm not sure thatu is one of the things being shown on the motherboard troubleshooter. one question I need to ask now is if things only show up on that troubleshooter if it's actually a problem. Like I said, it goes through a whole lot of them. Some of the number is flash by without me even having in the slightest bit of a chance to read what it could be.
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