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Disclaimer: this might be very long so bare with me.
Hello everyone, I have a lot of questions with my current build and I feel that this site would help me a lot. First of all, here is my current build.
Mobo: Asus m5a88 v-evo
CPU: amd fx 4170 4.2 GHz
Gpu: evga gtx 550 to
PSU: not sure but is 80 plus something ( not gold) and 620 watt.
Ram: corsair vengeance ram ( not sure of name but is red and is at 1600mhz)
So, I am thinking of upgrading my GPU to a evga gtx 760 sc w/ acx cooling. I was wondering if my CPU will bottleneck and if I needed to get a new CPU and what CPU should I get. I am also getting a cm hyper 212 evo or plus. I was also hoping to try to oc my fx 4170 to try and meet to the 760's standards. If I were to change the CPU, would it be better to choose the amd fx 8350 or should I get a new mobo and an Intel CPU? If so, recommendations would help. Also, I am on a budget so don't get too fancy with the CPU and mobo. That's about it and anything helps (mostly). Thanks and excuse for the grammar, spelling etc. I was in a hurry.
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    The fx4170 will be OK with a GTX760. With the CMhyper 212 evo cooler, you can overclock the cpu a bit if you find it lagging behind.

    You could change up to a FX6300 and be sure of running the 760 without having to overclock the fx6300.

    You'd need to get a better motherboard to make sure it ran the fx8350 - a 990fx chipset motherboard.

    The 760 will need 500W. Make sure you've got a good quality power supply - from tiers 1, 2a or 2b of
  2. I7baby thanks for the help and your answer really helped me a lot and I'm going to soon purchase a gtx 760, amd fx 6300, a hyper 212 evo. Thanks man you saved me a lot of time and money :D
  3. No worries. Glad I could help.
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