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hello there, over the last few days the company that I work for has been receiving many emails disguised as companies such as hmrv that we do business with, this leads unsuspecting colleagues clicking and downloading viruses to are network and getting even more spam! we cant filter out these emails because we deal with them so what should I do?
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  1. Many spam filters actually block mail from specific IP addresses that are known for sending spam, and spoofing addresses. This way mail coming from an actual HMRV server can be passed along, and any mail pretending to be from HMRV, but sent from a different server(known for sending spam) will be blocked.
  2. Okay thanks ill look into that, however what about botnet email servers with multiple IP addresses and people using proxies to send emails out?
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    There's usually a reverse type of lookup used to verify that the IP address actually matches the MX record for the email domain being sent from. I'm not sure what it's called, but it basically just verifies that the sender's email actually comes from a mail server registered to the domain the sender is using(it uses the MX record).
  4. usually companies use anti-spam / anti-virus either in cloud or on the mail server level (software).
    you did not mention where your mailbox reside at company server / isp / or other provider.
    use cloud ant-spam service or software plugin for your mail server or client (most anti-virus software has it built in the home editions).

    and notify the company you work with ( HMRV ) they might have bad configuration of the mail server and have what is called "open relay"
  5. Thankyou for all the replies :), using the information ive looked into MX records and we are setting up a filter for that :)
    also thanks for the other responses all very helpful :)
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