How do I use an All In one monitor as a monitor for a second pc?

Hi, I am using a Lenovo C560 All in one and I am trying to use it as a monitor for another PC, the all in one has a HDMI port but there are no buttons or options to make it work, is there a way or program to get this going, it has to be through hardware so that my other PC is used to it optimal like its 200fps in Minecraft, not though a internet virtual connection, Thanks!
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    All-in-ones, like laptops, don't usually have an innie, but just an outtie. You might be out of luck unless you open the thing up and see a standard HDMI, DP or VGA connection on the inside. I'm going to doubt that's the case though. Even if you could connect, the power to the AIO would be another problem. You'd need to bypass the system and just power the screen.
  2. Thanks for the answer, I guess I ll have to buy a separate TV instead!
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