Windows 8 HDD not shown in BIOS

Recently I installed an SSD along with Windows 8.1, after doing this in my boot order it was no longer showing my HDD but only my DVD drive and my SSD were shown.

This is no problem as I only want the SSD for Windows 8 but if the HDD was found again would it be booted before the SSD if not mentioned and what would happen if it booted before the SSD?

My main question is, should I try finding the problem with my HDD and make sure it boots after the SSD or just leave it the way it is as the HDD is accessible in Windows. Also what would happen if the HDD booted before the SSD?

Some extra information: I installed windows 8 on the SSD without the HDD being plugged in at the time as I was recommended to. The HDD is empty with no files on it so if formatting is required it is fine.

P.S Sorry for poor English as it is not my first language.
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    Hello... You have to give permision to Windows to connect any device to it...Right click... My Computer-Manage-Disk Management Right click the graphic display below and mark it active or what ever needs to be done to it... Format, partition, etc...
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