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I have an old TEAC AG-780 running all my home speakers and working fine all on from A speaker terminals. I am getting a pool and putting in a Aquasonic MONO speaker. Is there a way to hook this MONO speaker to back B terminal in Mono mode by wiring it correctly.
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  1. Well, you could just output one channel, either left or right, to the speaker. Or look up a simple circuit to downmix two channels to one. I used to do this for my daughter, who was born deaf.
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    This volume control wll work:
    I think you can get it in an outdoor version too.
    Since your underwater speaker is 4 ohm your might damage your receiver if you try to play the A and B together. The optimatch built into the above will allow you to safely do this but you may not have enough power.
  3. How doe the Monogizer connect back to the orginal receiver to play the same music? Thanks,
  4. Just a note on Monogizer. They are no longer in Business so that option is out. Thank you though. Any other suggesstions.
  5. Look at , for example. A simple summer using resistors.

    Or dozens of possibilities here . The ones with op-amps are really for line-level signals, not amplified signals. Unless you have some bitching huge op-amps.

    This, not such a good idea:
  6. WyomingKnott.....Thanks for diagram. So, the sub would be my Underwater speaker. Would this hurt my receiver and give me what i need? Thanks again.
  7. Um, just to make sure we are on the same page - the diagram that I posted here was to illustrate A VERY BAD IDEA. Check the ones in my links. DO NOT do the one that I posted with the notation "This, not such a good idea."
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