Intel Core i7 4700HQ vs i5 4200H

Does i5 4200H is good CPU and does it worth to buy the extra 160USD to buy i7 4700HQ? Especialy MSI GE70 Apache Pro-061 vs MSI GE60 Apache Pro-003.
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    just don't buy the apache - they're just bad laptops. Bad build quality, bad heat issues, bad sound issues. terrible battery life.
    Get the I5 y50 if you want to save money, its at newegg.
    for $160 its not really worth it IMO, I highly doubt games will have progressed to actually use all 4 cores well so...
  2. Y50 have too big screen border, it is really ugly, can you offer me some laptop with specs like the y50 but with normal screen border?
  3. The i5-4200M is a dual core CPU.

    The i7-4700HQ is a quad core CPU.

    Since it seems you are primarily using the laptop for games, then assuming all specs are the same except the CPU, the laptop with the i7-4700HQ can provide better performance in games that can take advantage of more than 2 cores.

    Sorry, I cannot recommend any gaming laptops at this time since I have not been keeping up with them.
  4. What's your budget? Maybe we can find a similarly-spec'd laptop!
  5. any retailer that uses a clevo W350SS will have the same spec for a cheaper price, just don't forget to add the OS. ibuypower, xoticpc or lcdigital are good companies. Though xoticpc at the mo is the cheapest and boast fantastic reviews.

    this should help with some quick comparisons.
  7. My budget is $1050-60 max.
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