Keep my Core 2 quad or NEW CPU??? (SSD AND WATER COOLING OR NEW CPU)

So, I have money for a new i7 4790k and a msi z97 motherboard but instead of that, should I just Overclock it and buy liquid cooling and an ssd for better performance or go with an i7? My CPU is Q9550 and Motherboard is DX38BT (Intel X38 chipset, extreme motherboard).
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  1. Go for the new CPU+Motherboard for sure. You can always add the other stuff later on and the SSD and liquid cooling are not going to give you any extra performance either way. A stock 4790k would chew up and spit out a highly overclocked core 2 quad.
  2. IS the MSI Z97 G55 SLI motherboard good or something better?
  3. What are you using that build for? that i7 it´s pretty overkill for gaming unless you do a heavy kind of work with that machine maybe you should get an i5 4670k, that´s almost $100 less so you can buy a good cooler ( the 212 evo is like $30) and with some more you could get a SSD.
  4. I already have the hyper 212 evo and for 3D modelling/rendering, sometimes video gaming (HI-END GAMES)
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    The perfomance you will gain is enormous whichever cpu you choose, but that i7 is $100 more than the i5, just you will determine if it´s worth it.
  6. maybe I7 for top of the line performance because I want it to last for at least 4-6 years without bottle necking. SO thank you guys for your time.
  7. Agash said:
    IS the MSI Z97 G55 SLI motherboard good or something better?

    It should be a great board, very similar to the gd-65 version with a few less sata ports I believe. 6 sata ports instead of 8 found on the gd 65 model.
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