Fractal Design Define R4 - Front Panel Connectors Not Indicating +/- connection?

Sorry for the layman title...
My motherboard has inputs for the front panel connectors, but labels certain ports indicating spaces for the positive/negative pins for front panel connectors such as LEDs, switches, etc.
However, on the actual plugs, there are no + or - symbols to indicate which way I should plug them in. Only the Power LED connectors indicate this.
However, on the plugs without symbols, there are triangular arrowheads pointing to a certain hole on the plug. Is this some form of indication? If so, would the arrow be indicating the positive or negative end?
Sorry if my wording is confusing.
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  1. If it doesn't indicate then it doesn't matter which way round they go. Plug 'em in.
  2. its ok if you plug them in the wrong way, if it doesnt work then just flip it.. and anyways it should be in the manual for the case
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    The triangular arrowhead faces up and the power switch one plugs into the 2 pins next to the 'missing pin'

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