My PC has gotten noticeably louder.

My PC was fine before but from around a week ago it has gotten increasingly louder. My graphic card fans has been making all the noise (MSI GTX 770). Using MSI Afterburner it says my GPU is at a temp of 35-40. My CPU temperature is also ranges from 41-62 (I5-4670K). Even when i am not it games it still seems to make a lot of noise. Because it is summer and it is boiling i have ordered 3 fans just to keep up. I'm not sure if it helps but my GPU fan speed is 34. Could someone please help me find the problem or if its just as simple as the air temperature from summer is having a effect. All of your suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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  1. You should clean your case and parts of dust.
    BTW, what is your room temperature.
  2. Can you lower the max CPU speed? I lowered the max speed on my A6-5400k to 3.2 GHz from 3.6 GHz and it dropped the CPU temperature by 15º Celsius.

    Use cotton swabs / Q tips soaked with rubbing alcohol on the side of the heatsink that fan blows on. If it is a tower cooler like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, remove the fan and run the cotton swab along that side. It picks up so much dust that is invisible to the naked eyes.
  3. clean the cpu and gpu heat sinks................. use your app to make the gpu fans spin at a constant 40%. see if that helps.
  4. What should i use to clean the parts?
  5. Also what are the heat sinks and how do i lower my cpu speed?
  6. My room temperature is around 25-29 degrees
  7. The stock CPU cooler/heatsink/fansink for the I5-4670K is this one:

    I was able to lower my clock speed by accessing an AMD utility by right clicking on the desktop. I am not sure how it works for intel processors.
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