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Hey everyone, I'm building a PC for gaming/music/general use. And my question is: what's the best virtual surround sound? Dolby and CMSS3D seem to be the most popular, but what about SBX, Razer Surround, etc.? I've listened to a few videos, but I'd like to listen to the opinions of people that have used them first hand. So, with that in mind, could you advise me in the direction to go in with this criteria: How much does it cost (to get in a sound card, DAC, etc.) and how easy is it to set up?

I'll be using:

Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 7
Headphones: Audio Technica ATH-M50
Speakers (Eh, I don't care if you regard it): Gogroove Sonaverse O2i

Thanks so much!
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    I like SBX/CMSS/EAX and razer was decent but you have to a Razer device connected(at when I tried to use it) to use their free software. Dolby headphones software sounded "muddy" and "tinny" to me.

    Since that mobo has a Creative chip built in, I suggest you see how it sounds to you. IF you hook up speakers or headsets that use USB, it's pretty much bypassing on board or sound card. Like the speakers you posted. Btw, I'm pretty sure those speakers aren't very good even though I haven't heard them.

    The ATH-M50 are good headphones but those speakers really are trash.

    Be seeing you, the Prisoner...
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