Did I make a mistake buying a new computer with an integrated card?

I bought this for cheap, because I needed a PC in a hurry.
Dell - Inspiron Desktop - 4GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive Model: I3847-2310BK;jsessionid=0D865145D7B29FC8666BE4A06FF35039.bbolsp-app04-189?id=1219165153058&skuId=5859014&st=categoryid$pcmcat212600050008&cp=1&lp=1

I thought I could easily upgrade later (I never upgrade a PC in my life).
I opened the case & saw that there was no graphics card?!? Can I even add a graphics crd in this? There doesn't seem to be anything that looks like it can be taken out & replaced. Unless I take out the entire motherboard as well?

Here is a pic of it

The computer is slow as hell.
I had a older model with the same ram & half the the processor speed & it ran 3 times as fast. It did have a Nvidia low end card in it.

This PC doesn't even have access to changing the HDMI range for my monitor (my monitor is bugged & it needs to be manually changed to get the correct range).

If I return this stinker, will I need to reformat it to erase all my data or can I just delete all the stuff on it & that will be good enough?
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  1. Just put a gtx 750ti in it. It should fit in your case. But you need to check if your power supply can run it.
  2. Yeah, either a GTX 750 or 750 Ti should be good for your system. I assume your PSU is 300W, so it should still be able to run a 750 Ti, since I have a Dell Inspiron with a cheap Chinese 300W PSU and it's still running a HD 7750 fine.
  3. Where would I put it in? I don't see any open slots or any graphic cards to replace?

    Again, I never upgrade a PC before. I only know how to add RAM & that's it.
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    Do you see the black line under the cpu fan? put the card there. (The big line out of those three lines)
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