Must boot HDD before SDD?

Hi guys, my first time posting here. There are many similar questions but i could not find the answer.

So i've purchased a new kingston v300 240gb ssd and did a fresh windows 8 install into it. After that, i wiped my very old maxtor 200gb hdd and even completely deleted the partition so that it's unallocated (this was done prior to installing windows 8 on the sdd). After experimenting for a while, i realized that i get the "reboot and select proper boot device..." message whenever i have the ssd on a higher boot priorty than the hdd, despite the OS being installed on the ssd while the hdd is unallocated. I also have a western digital 500gb hdd, but i've disconnected it from the motherboard all this time before i even started to install the ssd.

Everything works properly when i put the hdd on a higher boot priority than the ssd though. The windows 8 from the ssd still gets loaded and all that. Technically i can just settle like this, but im worried there might be future issues if i don't do this properly? Does it even matter? I feel like it's better to have the internal storage device with the OS installed to have the highest boot priority over all other internal storage devices?


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 Ghz black edition
Memory: 6 GB (DDR2 i think)
OS: Windows 8 64 bit (fresh install)
Motherboard: Asus M4A78 Plus
Hard Disks: Kingston v300, Maxtor 6V200E0
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    You can try this:" First disconnect all Hard Disk Drives (HDD) except the one Windows is installed to, then boot to diskpart to see if the Windows partition is marked as "Active" if it is then do the 3 separated startup repairs out-lined in this tutorial at the link below"


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