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my graphics drivers stopped working whilst i was playing a game, i restarted my computer and it appeared the drivers had somehow become corrupt (flickering green, red and orange blank screens). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, even tried resetting my windows installation with no luck. My system is fine with the graphics card connected until I try and install the drivers for it, the installation gets so far then the various coloured screens come back and the PC restarts. Is this a hardware problem? Any way to fix? Thanks
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  1. Install the latest driver for your graphics. What is your Graphic Card?
  2. I have tried installing the latest drivers, also tried older drivers both result in the same problem.
    card is an asus gtx 660 (GTX660-DC2O-2GD5)
  3. Do not re-install the driver. Uninstall it. Reboot and then install the driver again. Are you using this driver? Are you using 64-Bit? Here is the driver for the 64-Bit OS
  4. Okay so i've tried what you suggested but it just keeps rebooting the computer. I tried installing the drivers in safe mode, which worked fine until I rebooted out of safe mode, then at the windows log in screen the screen just turned blue, orange then pink.
  5. First of all you need to TOTALLY remove all the old drivers. Use this link.
    Select the respective company(i.e Nvidia or ATI) drivers to be uninstalled.
    Use clean and restart option.
    And then install the new drivers after rebooting.
  6. tried the graphics card in a different computer and tried uninstalling then installing the drivers but ran into the same problem, so surely it's got to be the actual card itself?
  7. try and see
  8. Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunatly it still didn't cure the problem... Am I right to assume therefore this must be a hardware issue? The card is still under warranty so returning shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Better replace it.
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