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Hey guys, sorry im a complete neophyte when it comes to audio. long story short i want to get new decent speakers for home use (eg music pc games tv etc.) i do not do audio editing but am a bit of an audiophile so i want decent speakers. im currently looking at a pair of RB-51 II Bookshelf Speakers however it requires 75 watts. would i be able to buy a powered subwoofer and plug the speakers into it, thus fulfilling the power requirement. sorry if that sounds really dumb, i know nothing about audio.

Thanks guys

Ps if you have any site recommendations/youtube video recommendations as to where i can learn about audio please let me know, thanks
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  1. Powered sub's usually only provide enough power for the sub. You need either active-speakers, ones with amp's built in, usually more an audio editing thing, but their are lots of amazing sounding ones out there, or you need an amp and to plug the speakers in to the amp. Nowadays though, most amps are 5.1, HDMI, etc, so then it beg's hooking up a surround setup instead. lol.
  2. Unfortunately im in a room too small to benefit from a surround system its just my bedroom with a tv and pc in it any recommendations for powered speakers with a subwoofer? price range is 500-1000$ CAD. im looknig for semi audiophile equipment. Or if you could recommend decent 25watt passive speakers that would be great! (have an old 50 watt receiver and i was recommended buy a man who does stuff with audio for a living to go with speakers that need 50% less power because there are so many variables that its will be the safest and sound the best.
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    Would yo consider a soundbar? There are some good ones out there, with a sub, usually wireless. That's what I did for my room, then it takes up no desk space, and fill the room pretty good. I went to bestbuy and tried out a Bose one (I couldn't afford ) but it sounded like full surround in every direction, it was amazing. Polk audio also makes a nice one.

    If you want to use this for TV and/PC, you need to consider inputs, ouputs, etc. What devices to do want to hookup and be able to have sound from the speakers. With todays TV's and PC's, there are many different output standards, and finding a device that has all the inputs you need is half the battle.
  4. Thank you for your help, i have not herd much about soundbars. i will have to look into them further for now though i you have helped spark enough ideas to help me with my audio setup
  5. I just got a smart TV, and Sony platform.. and a paid member of Pandora streaming.. I have noticed the Pandora menu is sort of limited on the smart TV menu. Been using powered computer speakers forever.. wanting to upgrade.. was going to go the receiver route .. now decided to get a better powered speakers setup.. dang there are allot choices our there.. and some very expensive.. like 750.00 US, for one, two way speaker.. that's the high end. I want optical from computer to speakers.. not that many selections.. actually getting a sound card.. thought to run it off of my nvidia card .. optical in my opinion is the way to go for true realistic sound... I need some input.. from you guys
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