SSD or new cpu?

Hi, I was wondering which of the two would benefit me the most. First off, the only games I play are Counter-Strike Global Offensive, L4D2, Dayz etc nothing to hardcore.

my specs: I know its old but its good enough for what I do

650W Antec
Windows 7
intel i3-3220 3.30GHz
MSI Radeon HD 7770

so im wondering should I get a new ssd currently on sale ($99) KINGSTON 240G SSDNow V300 (7mm) SATA3 or new cpu ($205) Intel Core i5-3470. the reason im asking this because whenever im spectating a game or I just alt tab it takes around 10 seconds which bugs me a lot. I just want my computer to be fast when I multitask while gaming.
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  1. Definitely i5. It should actually help with the alt tab thing because of more CPU power :) Hope I helped.
  2. The 4GB of ram probably isn't help.
  3. I would recommend the SSD i feel you will notice the change the most. You will see EVERYTHING on your computer load far faster even your boot (especially if you optimize it) im running a i3 2100 and have no issues with the speed of it and mine is bit older and slower. with the money you are saving from getting the SSD you could also buy 4gb of ram and speed up your system a bit too :). i would say go with the ssd and then get ram with the money saved, you will see a far larger speed difference than getting a new CPU
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    Well, honestly it there are several different things that you can do to try and improve hat performance. Having a better CPU would of course allow the CPU cores to carry more workload, or at least spread the workload out a bit to help cut down on lag. An SSD does help a bit with that stuff, but if you already have a decent HDD, such as a 7200 rpm one, then you I would not recommend changing out to an SSD just yet (unless you just want to, or had a budget for both). And although I will get flak for saying it, having a bit more RAM would help also. Background tasks, open programs, etc. all use RAM, so if it was possible to upgrade to either 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM, that should help you a bit too.

    I double checked the information on the motherboard, and it only supports two RAM modules, so increasing RAM is kind of out of the equation for now. And since I don't know what specific version of Windows 7 you even have, it might not support more than 4 GB of RAM anyway. The i5-3470 is a supported CPU at least, and it is decent enough. So I would definitely advise you to take the CPU upgrade over the SSD upgrade at this time.

    Wow, in the amount of time it took for me to look up all your system specs and check compatibility of everything, there were a lot of posts. Those that posted, the motherboard supports up to 16 GB of RAM spread across a total of 2 RAM modules, so upgrading RAM will actually be a more expensive option than just adding another couple of GB of RAM, since the current modules (or at least one of them) would have to be replaced completely. And that is if the operating system supports more than 4 GB RAM total.
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