Which laptop would be better for high demanding games such as minecraft

Is this better than for gaming

Which graphics card would benefit me more
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  1. Both are not very good for exclusive gaming, you'll need to look at higher end more expensive ones if you want an exclusive gaming laptop, and minecraft isn't all that demanding.
  2. Which one is better out of the 2?
  3. Out of the 2, my personal suggestion would be the MSI. However, I'd look at getting something a bit higher end if you're serious about playing games.
  4. I wanna get 1 that is in the 600-700$ range
  5. Minecraft is not a "high demanding game". Pretty much any laptop with a discrete graphics card would be fine.
  6. Is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M a discrete graphics card?
  7. yes, but try to get at least 840m
  8. Im not trying to be like "hardcore gaming" just playing simple games like minecraft
  9. yes get 840m to run minecraft
  10. Anthony332 said:
    Im not trying to be like "hardcore gaming" just playing simple games like minecraft

    For things like Minecraft you'd probably be fine with Intel HD 4000 or newer. I would still get something with discrete graphics though if I were you, like AznGOD is telling you.
  11. is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M better?
  12. 820m is probably enough though
  13. Well I cant customize the laptop its pre built with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M
  14. I would buy a laptop with at least an GT 840m for mild gaming, you really won't pay much more, also having done it the intel HD 4000 can run minecraft, but its performance is choppy.
  15. I cant customize it ..
  16. Just which graphics card is better between the 2 laptops?
  17. When buying laptops/PC's theirs a certain "golden" price to performance ratio, which disappears in the very high end category of products and the low end, with the two laptops you are looking at, you are paying quite a bit more for what you are actually getting since they are priced at the very low end, so to make them profitable they need to be priced quite a bit higher than what they are actually worth, and as such makes their price to performance poor. But if your absolutely set on either one of these two, go with the MSI its better.
  18. About how many FPS will i get on minecraft with the
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    I can't answer that, FPS in minecraft varies wildly, it'll be fine don't worry, and if your purchasing the laptop you can just find out yourself.
  20. Both if the laptops are OK but I would recommend the MSI, although as some other people suggested try getting a better graphics card. I wouldn't really get a Intel Graphics card if I was you. I hope this helped. ;)
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