i5 3570k vs i5 4670k vs fx8350

So i already have a fx8350 oc to 4.6 ghz and love it greatly but im wondering if i should get an intel cpu instead. I plan to also upgrade my gpu from a 7970 non ghz to either a gtx 780 ti or r9 290x and thats where my issue arrives. Will the fx8350 be enough to handle either of these two gpus or should i upgrade to a 3570k/4670k
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  1. It's not worth upgrading from your fx8350 to an i5. It'll run a R9 280x easy and even a gtx780ti.
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    Definitely skip the i5-3570K. No point in getting an Ivy Bridge processor unless you've already got an LGA-1155 motherboard. Skip the -4670K, the -4690K has pretty much phased it out. Better yet, just hold on to the FX-8350 until Intel at least announces an official release date for Broadwell.

    The FX-8350 might limit framerates a bit more than an i5 in some games, but if you're aiming for 60 FPS I think you'd rarely notice. I would not have recommended the FX-8350 originally, but its not an urgent problem. Definitely overclock it, though.

    Honestly you could probably skip the GPU upgrade for now, too, if you're gaming at 1080p. The only reason you might encounter a CPU bottleneck at all is because those cards are capable of impractically huge framerates at mainstream resolutions.
  3. Keep the 8350, the gain is not worth the money to go intel.
  4. Thanks i will keep my fx8350 and wait for broadwell before doing any upgrading
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