I cant connect to the internet when i plug my ethernet cable from my xDSL/cable modem to my Edimax router. I did all the instr

Edimax BR‐6428nS could not connect to the internet. No wifi internet either.
I am certain i have Internet connection because I can connect when I plug the cable from xDSL/cable modem to Laptop. I have internet. but from xDSL/cable modem to Router to Laptop. no more internet. I've been using this router with same settings and config for 2yrs and no problem at all. This morning, this problem occured. Please help me fix this. Is it my router damaged?
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  1. Did you set up your router? Does your laptop setup match? - SSID, password, etc.
  2. yes. since there was no problem in the past 2 yrs. I didnt change anything. I quick setup my router.
  3. What router did you use before? Did it use the same encoding, SSID and password?
  4. I used the same router for 2yrs. No changes at anything at all.
  5. Have you redone Connect to a Network?
  6. I did. Nothing happened. I restarted it 3 times. Both my router and xDSL. Changed some cables. Still didnt work.
  7. Does your laptop see the network?
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