Do you think I Damaged My PCI-Slot?

Hello. So the other day I was doing a few things like installing new fans in my Dtop and thought it would make it easier if I took out the GPU while I worked inside the case. Stupidly, I was kind of aggressive when I took the Videocard out. I put the card back in and it works fine and there hasn't been a decrease in performance from what I've seen. Im a paranoid person and just wanted your guys's opinions. Do you think I may have damaged something?
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  1. Nah you usually have to be firm with computer hardware to install/uninstall.

    As long as it keeps working, you're fine,
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    You're all fine. Don't worry. As long as it's working properly, and you're not having any sort of issues you're all set. Just remember there's a little tab that you press to allow the graphics card to release without quite so much force generally. Also, always remember to pull it straight out and not at a weird angle or anything like that.
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