Windows 7 Ultimate Upgraded For Free Bug?

Hi. About 30 minutes ago I was using a laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium, which is what came with it when I bought it. This is kind of a weird question but 30 minutes ago I clicked the "windows anytime upgrade" button in the programs list out of curiosity expecting it to pop up with the pricing, but instead my computer restarted a couple times and now I have windows ultimate, even though I didn't buy it or enter a key for it, and I want to go back since it uses more RAM even when idle. Does anybody know what happened? I'm kind of confused.
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    My first instinct is that it's a virus, since it uses more RAM. Windows 7 Ultimate uses no more RAM than Windows 7 Home Premium. I would run Windows Security Essentials, malwarebytes , and spybot search and destroy just to be safe. The only way you can "downgrade" to Windows 7 Home Premium is by re-installing it through an install disk/flash drive.
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