If I Change Motherboards Will I Lose My Data?

Hello, so my Asrock H77 Pro-4 M motherboard ($95) died on me. According to a friend of mine, I should save money and get the Asrock H77M ($70) since it's almost $20 bucks cheaper and I don't need to Crossfire/SLI features of the H77.

If I switch boards could I connect my HD and keep my data? Or should I stick to purchasing the H77 Pro-4 M? I was running Windows 7, Have a number of programs and information I can't lose and need to know my best choice.

Any help is appreciated :) Thanks!
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  1. You might upgrade your OS in order not to lose data or if you don't care about the files on the system drive then you can freshly install the new OS
  2. Hi

    If the 2 asrock motherboards have the same chipset (H77) and same SATA controller then transfering the hard disk to the new motherboard may work without too many problems

    but if the SATA controller chip is different expect a BSOD 0x0000007b error

    Except if your Windows is OEM it will detect the change and demand re activation which will probably require purchasing a new licence.

    But if you talk to the people at the Microsoft activation centre and explain the motherboard died but is the same make & chipset they may give you a new key if they are in a good mood

    Retail Windows will also detect change of motherboard and require re activation.

    Mike Barnes
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    backup your data before, erase disk then re-install windows and restore backup after completion. The best and safest way to go about the upgrade, as swapping out the motherboard in which the OS was installed and changing in a completely different one and hoping it to boot doesn't always work that way.
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