Best Gaming ips Monitor?

Hey,could you please help me find a monitor that has 140+ refrest rate,1ms response,1080p under
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  1. Which model? Is it between 23 to 27 inch.
  2. Those are tn. Do you really need ips? The only ones are the overclocked korean monitors and those won't be 140+, 1ms which I don't think you really need.
  3. I need those for FPS games.
  4. What am I going to do with a 3D monitor?Can games like bf4 work on 3d?
  5. The majority of 120hz+ monitor are 3d ready. Bf4 does support 3d.
  6. I have never experienced 3D before(now the tables have turned).So how would it look like when playing bf4 in 3d?
  7. The tables have not turned, it's still the same circumstances. Anyways, you should see it, it's not something someone should explain. Go see a 3d movie.
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