GTX 780 6gb model comparison

I will be purchasing one of the 6gb GTX 780s. Right now I am trying to decide which specific model would be best.

Here are the three:


I noticed that the MSI and ASUS both state that their overclockable but the EVGA seems to have a better core clock and boost. So I guess I'm just wondering if it is ok or possible to overclock the EVGA card. Also if anyone has any other information on why one card would be better than the other I would love to hear it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The Asus one would be the best, but I like EVGA better.
  2. What makes the ASUS one better?
  3. Asus strix just came out and from what I've seen the cooling is really good.
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    Asus Strix has the best cooling and the Asus models always seem to OC rather well, I have the 8=780 CU models in SLI and a 25% OC on the SLI, EVGA comes with a pre OCed Base Clock and usually don't have a lot of OC headroom as they Bin the GPUs to offer a variety of pre OCs, so often what you buy is about it
  5. I agree with Tradesman1, Asus cooling is one of the best I've seen from all brands until now. I had 680 before upgrading now to a Strix 780 6GB and let me tell you this card is awesome, not a single issue until now! Well done Asus!
  6. I bought the MSI because I have an MSI motherboard.. the Twin Frozr cooling system (2 fans) mounted onto the card keeps the card cool (around 60-63 Deg Celsius under heavy load, in well ventilated case)

    I was going to get the evga card, but decided on the MSI to MSI combo for easier clocking.
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