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hey guys i just purchased the z506 and when testing in realtek only if i click 7.1 do all of my speakers work and this is a 5.1 system. furthermore on both 5.1 and 7.1 tests the speaker symbol that lights up does not correspond with the speaker that actually plays the audio. what should i do to fix this? on top of that when i play battlefield 4 and select 5.1 i only get 2.1 audio.
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  1. set it to 5.1 not 7.1 or you will have issues.

    if the speakers are not playing the correct audio then you have the cords plugged into the back of your soundcard (or back of subwoofer) wrong or are using the wrong speaker in the wrong area.

    also make sure you have the newest drivers.
  2. all speakers are in the correct area and connected to the correct input on the subwoofer but i still get no sound from center speaker on 5.1 and the symbols dont match up with the actual audio. could it be from selecting the wrong option when plugging in the orange green and black wires into the computer? when plugged in i get a prompt from realtek asking me which wire is center/sub which wire is rear and which wire is front when this comes up i randomly click things because the instruction manual does not say what the wires are
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    it is very important that you plug the wires correctly into the back of your computer.

    green to green
    orange to orange
    black to black

    if you have one of the soundcards which tries to combine functions for ports.... you may need to read your motherboard manual to see which if for what.

    not having them plugged in correctly or not choosing correctly on that software (sounds like you have one of those condensed style soundcards? not sure you would need to list what you have) means that audio will not be correct.
  4. ok i believe i fixed the problem the front, sub, and center symbols all correspond with the actual audio playing but now the rear speakers are switched from left rear to right rear and vice a versa im fine with that ill just move left to right and right to left thanks for the help but it was a software issue not a hardware issue and as far as i know im using latest realtek drivers and the z506 does not come with drivers.
  5. yea my sound card is orange green and light grey/blue i have a z87 motherboard with built in sound card and the manual does not specify which is which or whether it is condensed thank you ssdx your right on the money.
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