How to Make my Laptop a High End Gaming Machine

Hey Guys

i just got my new laptop

Itz Hp pavillion 15 or 14

iwant to make it a high end machine

my specs

i3 Processor
intel hd graphics 2gb
4Gb Ram

i know itz gud enough for playing games bt to make it playable i had to make compromisses on graphics deparment like resolution n all

one off my friends said me tat upgrading the ram could help is tat true

plz tell me wat else upgrades i can do to make it a better gaming laptop which can run upcoming games (assasin creed unity etc etc etc)

Thank You :)
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    Nothing, take it back and buy a better laptop.

    Games are 90% driven by the graphics card, and your doesn't have one other than the built in intel crap. Most laptops don't allow you to just buy any graphics card and put it in like a PC, they don't have the slots needed.

    If by chance your laptop has a gpu, which is very rare except on high end gaming laptops, finding a gpu card will probably cost half the price of the laptop.

    more ram might help a tiny bit, but it doesn't make up not having a proper gpu for gaming.
  2. Not gonna happen. Gpu is not upgradable so you are stuck with Intel HD graphics. That system can never been a high end gaming system. A ram upgrade willhave little to no affect on gaming given the rest of the systems specs.
  3. "How to Make my Laptop a High End Gaming Machine "

    Sell it and buy something different.
  4. I suggest selling your laptop and using the money from it to help build a gaming PC. You could spend $2,000 on a laptop that would be able to play Unity at decent settings or you could opt for a gaming pc for $1,000-$1,500 that could run Unity on ultra. You could probably build a gaming PC for cheaper and still play Unity at ultra settings. I was just giving a worst case scenario.
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