What is the best value for money upgrade from a GTX 660

Hey guys. In around a month, I plan a massive upgrade to my PC. I will buy a new monitor and I have already upgraded the PSU to a 650W XFX Unit. It currently handles my GTX 660 no problem. I will have a budget of around £300 to spend on the GPU and need to know what GPU will give me the best bang for my buck. Thanks guys :)
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  2. yes it is 80 + bronze
  3. get that card :)
  4. thanks man, that one looks good and should keep me good for another year or so at least. cheers :) picked as solution
  5. You should certainly take a good long look at the GPU (R9 290), which Josese linked. It performs equally to a GTX 780 and better at higher resolutions, due to the 4 GB of VRAM and the high memory bandwidth.

    Tomshardware has used the R9 290 in almost all of their latest high-end builds due to its high performance compared to the low cost - great value. For your budget the R9 290 is a no-brainer. You won't get better performance for your money with a single GPU.
  6. :) What CPU do you have?
  7. To be sure that it won't bottleneck
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